Resignation Letter


Effective upon delivery, and after over eight years of duties, I am resigning from my position as Systems Developer at TUC Technologies.

I have had an amazing time in those eight years and feel that I was able to provide knowledge and experience and had something unique and valuable to contribute, all the while continuing to learn, improve, and hone the craft of computing that intrigued and inspired me as a child which continued and cultivated into my career. I have had the privilege of working with a great team of techs and enjoyed fostering relationships with clients who rely on us for their own operations and allow us to do something interesting, challenging, and sometimes even fun. I got to travel all around the country, to places I would have likely otherwise never visited; even got to fly by private jet! I offered talent and intellect to complete the complex projects and problems on hand. I placed my held pieces of the puzzles strategically to further the objectives ahead of us.

However lately, I am instructed to believe that I have become a primary problematic pariah which is creating an unhealthy work environment. It has long been tragic - now infuriating - to be witness and subject to uncomfortable situations on a repeated basis, despite attempts from others and myself to confront the maladjusted behavior, set acceptable boundaries, and foster change and betterment. An unhealthy work environment is insisting that we prepare beforehand only to be told not to worry about it but it then creates problems later. An unhealthy work environment is getting scolded for pitching in and helping out after being asked for assistance. An unhealthy work environment is getting yelled at for requesting the procurement of inexpensive tools we need to perform our jobs. An unhealthy work environment is erratically acting like everything is an emergency when there was more than ample time to prepare. An unhealthy work environment is dismissing and disregarding the dire pleas of employees to be treated fairly in terms of their time and value they offer and provide. An unhealthy work environment is pretending and professing to protect employees and their wellbeing when there’s not much parlayed philosophy and principle to prop up its postulates.

I watched my childhood best friend leave the company recently having observed or having been a target of these aforementioned situations. The same person that I spent countless hours with growing up, playing video games and working on computers, dreaming of a far-away day when we might be able to do the same as adults rather than work away at jobs offering less substance and satisfaction. Everything that has a beginning has an end - those days have now come and went.

At some point, one needs to sit down and query as to why previous employees have left under similar circumstances. Perhaps there’s a bigger picture.. a larger perspective - a pattern within the possibilities. It wasn’t always like this predicament and there’s hope for better times to return, but that will take introspection from those that dictate their controls and commands. Then at some point, eventually.. there’s recognition, and hopefully ultimately, accountability.

We all fall short and are not worthy of mercy, yet sometimes it is received. Conversely, what a cruel and indifferent universe we inhabit as well.

In the interest of transparency and preservation, I’ll have distributed and disseminated this document and will have facsimiles available via online presences and properties. I invite any and all to review this any time they wish. If it doesn’t or can’t serve as a mirror for those who need to see its reflection, it can provide a clear window to those left surrounding, looking in.

Have a nice day.